Thank you for your interest in being a Course Assistant (CA) (regular or Head) in Computer Science. Depending on the course and position, assistants may be responsible for office hours, grading, leading labs and/or holding review sessions. Strong Masters students and advanced undergraduats with significant experience may be hired as Head CAs, and will receive a $3000-3500 stipend for the semester, depending on experience. Regular CAs will be paid hourly with rates between $11.00-14.00/hour, depending on the course level and experience. CAs with at least 4 semesters prior experience may be offered a stipended pay, rather than hourly. Regular CAs usually work 10 hours per week; Heads average 15-20 hours/week. Students should expect this job to extend into reading period and exams as well.

CAs are required to have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. You must have at least sophomore standing. Head CAs are required to have at least a 3.2 GPA and should be a concurrent or masters student with prior CA or tutoring experience. You may not assist in a course you are concurrently taking. This is a student employment position, so you must be eligible for student payroll in order to be hired. Among other things, this means you must be full-time if a domestic student. International students may be employed if part-time in their final semester. See here for a full set of eligibility requirements.

You must complete an application form for each semester that you wish to be hired. A link for the current semester is below. The on-line form is the first step in our application process. It will be electronically submitted to Dr. Joanne Selinski and forwarded to appropriate instructors. Qualified applicants will be interviewed.

Interviews and hiring decisions usually take place before the semester begins, but may extend a week or so into the semester since the number of available positions are dependent on course enrollments.

Fall 2018 - now available!